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To assist in the transformation of optimal wellness for those experiencing abuse due to systemic racial and social injustice and to bring improved mental health to those suffering from racism and social injustice



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Nzingha Dalila, EdD, LPCC-S, LCDC-III

Noetikha Mental Health Research Development & Treatment
1730 Section Road, 37049
Cincinnati, Ohio 45222-0286
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(513) 549-0512

Nzingha has over 20 years of experience in clinical and addictions counseling. Nzingha has contributed to the field of behavioral health in administration, supervision, and community activism among diverse populations across the country with a focus on raising awareness about Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury (RBTSI), the importance of mental health treatment specifically for people of color, and community empowerment as part of emotional and psychological healing.

Nzingha created the Social Justice Involvement Scale © and the Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury Assessment © and she invented the Sankofa Method © of mental health counseling.

In addition to her research, development and advocacy work, Nzingha is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati in the Social Sciences Department.

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Shelly Lindsey, MEd 

Dancing Woman Designs
P.O. Box 19778
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
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(513) 549-0512

BA: Webster University, St.   Louis, Missouri 
Major in Theatre Arts. Minors in Spanish and Education
MEd: Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio School and Community Counseling

Shelley Lindsey is a native Cincinnatian.   As an undergraduate, she majored in theatre, and began her professional career as a teacher. It was her Mother who suggested she consider becoming a counselor, but it took several years before Shelley was able to admit that her Mother might be right.

Her professional experiences include teaching, group facilitation and non-profit agency management. She is grateful that her career has given her the opportunity to work with people  across the spectrum of the human developmental cycle, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultures.

She has also received training in Reality Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, and Play Therapy interventions.    She feels that her theatre background has been useful in her clinical work, especially in her work with children.   She has also had the privilege of directly integrating psychotherapy and theatre through her work with an improvisational theatre group of persons diagnosed with a mental illness. This group went on to use this activity as a means to educate the community about mental health issues.

She is accomplished as a second-level Reiki instructor and enjoys learning more about energetic healing modalities. In addition to her professional pursuits, Shelley enjoys making jewelry and baskets.

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Phone: 513-549-0512


RobertB bioPicMin. Robert Bradley, MEd

Spirit Warrior Fitness and Holistic Living
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(513) 329-7017

Robert Bradley is a registered Black Belt with the WTKO (World Traditional Karate Organization). Robert has competed locally.

Having trained informationally in various martial arts since high school, Robert started consistent, formal training in Shotokan Karate in 2007 at the Japanese Karate-Do’s Main Dojo (school) initially under Sensei Sonny Kim, now Sensei Rob Grossheim. 

Robert formerly taught the Mid-Day classes, as well as private lessons at the Japanese Karate-Do of Cincinnati. Encouraged through doctors to learn Tai Chi, when possible he trains in a slower, meditative form of Shotokan which becomes a more Meditative Martial Art unless the power and speed is increased, then it becomes traditional Shotokan karate. 

In the community, Robert helped with teaching Development and Bullying Protection through the mentoring and development organization, I Dream Academy. And he conducted Self Awareness & Protection Workshops throughout the city of Cincinnati on request.

Being a Christian Minister, Robert now uses his martial arts knowledge, as well as his Christian understanding to coach and counsel regarding meditation, stress reduction, pain minimization.


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Christian Soul Life Coaching: Living with Pain and Change  |  * Meditative Karate for Movement and Stress Reduction

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Phone: 513-329-7017


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