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OUR MISSION: Our mission is to assist in the transformation of optimal wellness for those experiencing abuse due to systemic racial and social injustice and to bring improved mental health to those suffering from racism and social injustice

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Download the 27 page PDF ebook, "Journal for the Gentle Warrior"
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  5 Day E-Course

book cover revDevelop self mastery over Race-Based Traumatic Stress; enroll for free to Dr. Nzingah Dalila’s Path of the Gentle Warrior’s 5-day video ecourse at

Download the 27-page PDF ebook, “Journal for the Gentle Warrior” by: Nzingha Dalila, EdD, LPCC-S, LCDC-III at 
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Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance, Battalora, J. (2013).

Shades of black: Diversity in African-American identity. Philadelphia, PA, US:
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