Breaking the Bonds of Mental Slavery


I write a lot about Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury (RBTSI) - a cluster of emotional responses to being traumatized due to racial violence.

I do this work so that people of color, especially Black folks, will understand that often their psychological problems and difficulties in life are a result of generations of systemic oppression by White Supremacy.

However, in order to heal from RBTSI so that we can throw off the chains of oppression, we have to dive deeper into understanding the subtle processes that lead to traumatization. While victims of RBTSI are not responsible for the racial violence inflicted on us, we can make choices to change our lives. William Cross (1978) recognized that even though we are not in physical combat with the enemy, a revolutionary process of our minds must take place so that we can become better prepared to overthrowing the yoke of oppression. Cross described this process as the “Negro-to-Black Conversion Experience”. The “Negro” refers to the man or woman of African descent that is both emotionally and psychologically committed to supporting the continuing agenda of White Supremacy.

To be “Black” is to embrace and commit to one’s historical, political, cultural, and economic identity as grounded in Africa and to the future development of people of African descent world-wide. Cross stated, “Blackness is a state of mind and, as such, is explained by dynamic (processes) rather than static (fixed) paradigms.” He pointed to the transformation of Malcom X from a street hustler and thief, then to a leader in the Nation of Islam, to finally the founder of the Organization of Afro-American Unity as an example of Negro-to-Black Conversion.

In becoming “de-niggerized”, Barbara Ann Teer, founder of Harlem’s National Black Theater, stated that an individual must pass through a series of well-defined developmental states towards Black liberation. Cross identified this process of conversion towards Black liberation as consisting of five stages: pre-encounter; encounter; immersion-emersion; internalization; and commitment. *For a more detailed description of the conversion process, I encourage you to take my online class on RBTS and Learned Helplessness in the SHOCK Metaphysics School.

Currently, people of African descent do not possess the economic, military, or political power to successfully establish independent Black communities free of the abuses of White Supremacy. With all of the wealth and education that Black people possess, we certainly have the skills, abilities, and resources to achieve liberation.

Our inability to be free lies in the limitations of our psychologically distorted beliefs about ourselves due to living for centuries under educational and religious systems that tell us otherwise. Because of systemic and pervasive racial violence, Black people need to liberate ourselves psychologically so that we will be capable of building the type of culturally-enriching systems to be joyous and free.

For a deeper look at Race-Based Traumatic Stress and Weusi Anxiety, check out my online classes in the SHOCK Metaphysics Virtual Kemetic Wisdom School. (Click Here)