Min. Robert Bradley, MEd.

Spirit Warrior Fitness and Holistic Living

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Being a Christian Minister, Robert now uses his martial arts knowledge, as well as his Christian understanding to coach and counsel regarding meditation, stress reduction, pain minimization.

Robert has been a Martial Arts Instructor and Meditative Movement Coach. Robert has taught courses through Japanese Karate-Do, Center For Closing The Health Gap through Weight Of Faith and I Dream Academy.

Robert trained informationally in various martial arts since high school, Robert started consistent, formal training in Shotokan Karate in 2007 at the Japanese Karate-Do’s Main Dojo (school) initially under Sensei Sonny Kim, now Sensei Rob Grossheim.

Robert formerly taught the Mid-Day classes, as well as private lessons at the Japanese Karate-Do of Cincinnati. Encouraged through doctors to learn Tai Chi, when possible he trains in a slower, meditative form of Shotokan which becomes a more Meditative Martial Art unless the power and speed is increased, then it becomes traditional Shotokan karate.


In the community, Robert helped with teaching Development and Bullying Protection through the mentoring and development organization, I Dream Academy. And he conducted Self Awareness & Protection Workshops throughout the city of Cincinnati on request.

Aaron Olinger

Survival Strategist

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Aaron Olinger is owner and operator of Aaron’s Imports; providing survival gear, self-defense products, and martial arts weapons.

A former armed security guard for a consultant company, Aaron spent his entire life learning survival, combat, and disaster preparedness skills. Aaron’s parents grew up during The Great Depression and WW II. Because of it, they believed in the importance of self-reliance and repurposing, as much as possible, everything they use to survive scarcity.

In addition to studying law enforcement, Aaron is proficient in all skills related to combat, defense, urban, and wilderness survival including:

Okinawan martial arts and Korean Tang Doo hand-to-hand combat | Hydroponics | Combat Medicine | Community Emergency Response Team Training First Aid and CPR | Gardening | Close-Quarter Handgun Training | Use of Regular and Cross BowsKnife Throwing | AK-AR-15, Uzi, Mac-10, M-1 Carbine, M-1 Garand, and Bushmaster assault rifles | Making Bullets


From 4 years old, Aaron was taught how to hunt, fish, skin, and clean animals and grew up learning all skills necessary to prepare for survival.

Olinger has devoted his life to helping individuals and community groups learn self-sufficiency skills and how to prepare for natural disasters and man-made attacks.

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