You Are Infinite

Becoming Homo Noetikha


The Name of My Company is Noetikha Wellness Our motto is “A New Way of Human Understanding”

I created Noetikha as a mental health research, program development, and treatment center because I knew that the only way that African people, humans in general, and the planet are going to survive is if we learn to evolve. I can see that we are evolving, and I want to be a part of helping us to understand and embrace this revolution; of moving from Homo Sapiens (“Wise Man”) to Homo Noetikha (“Spirit Man/Woman”).

The term Noetikha is derived from two words: “Noetic”, which refers to the action of perceiving or thinking; and “ka”, which is Kemetic for “life force”. Noetikha refers to knowledge gained by both physical and metaphysical cognitive processes, commonly referred to as intuition (the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning). It is a conscious awareness of perceiving without any apparent outside stimuli or cues. Thus, Homo Noetikha is man/woman that lives by spirit; functioning on a higher vibrational frequency such that you perceive and engage in the world based on a greater reality of existence.

There are other theories regarding the evolution of human beings. However, the idea of humans as spiritual beings must be a logical progression from the history of the oldest and greatest documented civilization that points to humans’ embracing a higher intelligence and consciousness than we now display and a path to our evolutionary resurrection; that being the Nile Valley civilizations of ancient Kemet (now called Egypt). The ancient Nile Valley civilizations were the closest representation of Homo Noetikha.

As humans migrated away from the fertile environment of Africa, their physiological, psychological, and spiritual states adapted to hostile environments, causing them to de-evolve in vibrational frequency and lose their conscious awareness as sparks of divine light.

Fortunately, according to the cosmological calendar that marks the 26,000 cyclical movements of our planetary development, the Earth is entering a new age of enlightenment. We have returned to the age of Aquarius. We are reawakening to an understanding of our true selves as multidimensional spiritual beings having human experiences.

Initially, this idea of evolving to Homo Noetikha may seem kooky, but ask yourself in what way you may already be familiar with some of these situations:

  • Déjà vu (a feeling of having already experienced the present situation)
  • Premonitions (a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant)
  • Hearing messages or receiving visions from people long distances away (or in different life times)
  • Receiving a strong feeling about engaging in (or refraining from) an action
  • Spontaneous remission of medical diseases

As strange or spooky as these incidents may seem, we’ve either experienced them in our own lives or we know someone who has, and with increasing frequency. There are numerous documented evidences to not only support that these events occur, but in may cases they can be replicated under laboratory conditions. Through the discipline of quantum physics, the illegitimate great grandbaby of Kemetic Metaphysics, our society is increasingly employing technology based on certain principles that most of probably never learned in school, including:

  • The universe consists of energetic and subatomic particle interactions that cannot been seen
  • Everything is relative and connected
  • In the infinite field of energy, there is the potential for all possible outcomes. Any and everything that can happen (past, present, and future) exists in the field
  • We can access all possibilities
  • When humans put our attention onto something, we change it in this dimension (either for our benefit or for our destruction

It is because of these principles that we now have lasers, personal computers, Blu-ray discs, and magnetic resonance imaging to name a few innovations in our everyday life. But, the most amazing thing about all this science is that it all applies to you. You are energy interacting on levels that are usually not perceived by the five senses; you are connected to everything; you contain infinite possibilities that can be accessed and changed by your intention.

Hundreds of years ago, people were burned at the stake because their unorthodox knowledge and use of the forces of nature labeled them as abominations that needed to be destroyed (i.e. “witches”). A few decades ago, people believed that if they had a disease, the only treatment was putting harmful chemicals into the body to stop the functions or cut out the part of the body that was functioning improperly. Now we know that none of that those beliefs were built on faulty information. Today, instead of identifying ourselves and behaving as if we are victims of our circumstances, destined for a life of suffering, perhaps the metaphysic and quantum physic understanding of our universe can help us to look at who we are and walk through the world as infinite beings who are capable of manifesting unlimited possibilities for change.

Understanding who we really are, believing the truth of the world, and acting on this understanding and belief is extremely difficult. Events in life can cause people to become downright psychotic. To say violence in the world can drive people insane may sound extreme, but psychosis is defined as the state of one’s thoughts and emotions being so distorted that one loses touch with reality. When we experience emotional or psychological trauma, we believe that our life is threatened, or we feel so overwhelmed, that we lose the ability to organize and manage our daily living responsibilities.

The more frightened and helpless you feel, the more likely you are to be traumatized. In short: when a person is traumatized, they lose touch with the reality of who they really are and their real relationship with the world. By accepting the belief that your life is in danger of being ended and that you have no control over your life, trauma takes you out of touch with the reality of who you are as an aspect of The Divine Consciousness.

For people of African descent (Black) this understanding can be especially difficult because we live in a society where we have been raised to believe that we are inferior human beings who live in a world where we are destined to fail because of systems designed to destroy us.

For us, these conditions have created the bonds of mental slavery and induced psychosis that run deep across generations, creating epigenetic tags that we pass on to our descendants. But these are false beliefs. We make them our reality when these ideas become ingrained into our subconscious.

Our subconscious beliefs drive our behaviors, thus creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Therefore, it is so important that combat the false and destructive images and concepts around us; so that we can rise above the delusions that keep our minds trapped and break through to the light of awareness of ourselves as infinite beings.

The very process of confronting and overcoming our own inner demons of trauma from racial violence (i.e. fears, doubts, insecurities, pain, revenge, denial, etc.) is the pathway to realizing our true light, who we really are, and our individual mission during this lifetime. The only way to know, through and through, that you are essentially and inextricably linked to The Divine Consciousness is to live each day as if it is true.

At first you won’t believe it. Your traumatized mind will subconsciously play messages in your head, telling you that you are insignificant, inconsequential, and powerless to effect change. Don’t listen to it. Learn to still your mind and meet your true energetic and cosmic self through daily meditation and mindfulness. Staying in your right mind and realizing your true self is about building a “spiritual workout” program, flexing your energetic body and practicing listening to and following the small quiet voice inside of you that is the eternal cosmic field of all things

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